The Taggiasca Olive Tree has ancient origins that start in pre-Roman times. It is cultivated on the Ligurian coast, but the major concentration is on the west side in the province of Imperia. This city holds 75% of total production.

The olive’s name takes its origin from the city of Taggia, in the district of Imperia. During the Middle Ages, it was an important center for the cultivation of this kind of olive. Most likely, the Benedictine Monks are to thank for the spread and cultivation, as well as for teaching the farmers how to build the drywalls.

With hard work the farmers built drywalls situated in Imperia and in the inland. These drywalls are distinguished with small valleys well protected from the wind. In this countryside the Taggiasca Olive Trees have found the perfect microclimate conditions to grow.   

The Extra Virgin Cultivar Taggiasca that we offer you comes from this valley and from these olive-groves that grow from 100 mt to 600 mt above sea level.

Our Extra Virgin Oilve Oil Cultivar Taggiasca is rendered by the cold press of Taggiasca Olives. It’s characterized by the low acidity, smooth taste, delicate aroma, and unique quality.

The Extra Virgin Oilve Oil Cultivar Taggiasca is the predominant element on our table. It nicely accentuates the flavors of your recipes without being overbearing.It is particularly used as salads dressing. In general it is perfect for a healthy and high quality diet!