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For the first 100 years of our company we have made a special oil dedicated to the woman who has created and carried on our company: our Grandmother Rosabianca. This oil can give to your dishes the unique taste you desire!
ROSABIANCA Riserva Cultivar Taggiasca is a special oil that can give to your dishes the unique taste you desire without taking over the original taste of your recipe.
The Rosabianca Riserva Cultivar Taggiasca is indeed a special extra virgin olive oil that comes from a selection of our olives. These particular olives are characterized by a process of same day picking and crushing with the cold pressed method from a dedicated olive-grove, the favorite of our Grandmother Rosabianca, located at 350mt above sea level.
We personally oversee every step, allowing us to obtain a genuine, controlled extra virgin olive oil with a high quality taste.
The peculiarity of this oil is quality. The olives are picked only in a certain time of the year: the first half of November and only under our control! It has a distinctive green color with yellow reflections. It is recognizable for its fruity, herbaceous and sweet taste with a final note of a unique and slightly spicy, fragrant and balanced smell.
Preservation: Olive oil must be stored with temperature between 18 – 22 °C, in a dry and cool place away from heat.


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